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Thanksgiving in Appalachia

<h1>An Appalachian Thanksgiving</h1> <p>An Appalachian Thanksgiving is a special time a year.&nbsp; It will soon be the beginning of the winter season and is the ending of the colorful landscapes that covered the Blue Ridge Mountains just days ago.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Thanksgiving to the North Carolina Mountains is a time to harvest pumpkin, apples, cabbage, and other edibles, and for Ashe County&rsquo;s major mainstay of the economy, Christmas trees.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;It is a day of giving thanks for past year&rsquo;s blessings and for the abundant of food prepared and shared by family and friends.</p> <h2>The First Thanksgiving</h2> <p>According to history, the first Thanksgiving was a harvest celebration held by the English colonists (Pilgrims) in the Plymouth Colony and the Wampanoag tribe in the early 1620s.&nbsp; The celebration began in late September and lasted through mid-November.</p> <h2>Thanksgiving falls on the Last Thursday in November</h2> <p>Prior to 1941, people celebrated Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November.</p> <p>However, when the first day of November falls on a Wednesday or Thursday, November has five Thursdays. &nbsp;In calculations for the upcoming many years, this would only happen twenty-eight percentage of the time, but people thought it was confusing.&nbsp; And when the Thanksgiving Holiday was on the fifth Thursday in November, it was too close to the Christmas Holidays.&nbsp;</p> <p>Taking these concerns into consideration, President Roosevelt declared that Thanksgiving would be the second-to-last Thursday of November.&nbsp; His explanation to the people was that it would give more time to prepare for the Christmas holidays, but the President&rsquo;s explanation failed as citizens felt this was even more confusing.&nbsp;</p> <p>So, at the end of 1941, President Roosevelt signed a bill permanently proclaiming Thanksgiving Day would happen on the fourth Thursday in each November.&nbsp; Thanksgiving is an Annual National Holiday in the United States and Canada An Appalachian Mountain Thanksgiving&rsquo;s menu shared by most Appalachians, consists of a stuffed turkey or turkey and oyster dressing on the side, a variety of vegetables, sweet cranberries sauce, and a choice of deserts.&nbsp; For most, pumpkin pie as well as a pecan pie and an old fashion apple stack cake is a staple for Thanksgiving Day.</p> <p>Oysters and a variety of shellfish are a favorite mainstay for the Thanksgiving meal in some coastal areas, while duck, lamb, Quail, and baked ham in other regions.</p> <p>It does not matter where you live, just enjoy your traditional Thanksgiving dinner.&nbsp; It is best when shared with family and friends between 2:00pm and 4:00pm.&nbsp;</p> <h2>Note:&nbsp; A couple of events in November that you may not want to miss.</h2> <p>West Jefferson&rsquo;s Annual Holiday Parade is Held in November</p> <p>The West Jefferson&rsquo;s Lion Club sponsors a Holiday Parade each November in downtown West Jefferson.&nbsp; This year the parade will be on Saturday, November 20, 2021, beginning at 3:00pm and last until 5:00pm.&nbsp; It is free and everyone is welcome.</p> <h2>Ashe County Choose and Cut</h2> <p>Christmas begins in Ashe County in November.&nbsp; Choose and Cut weekend is the weekend that West Jefferson welcomes all visitors to shop the unique &quot;Mom and Pop&quot; stores for Christmas gifts that is not found anywhere else.&nbsp; For more information - <a href="">Cut and Choose.</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Christmas Tree Choose and Cut Ashe County NC

<h1>Ashe County Choose and Cut Season 2021</h1> <p>Each year, families travel to Ashe County, &ldquo;The Coolest Corner of the North Carolina Mountains,&rdquo; in search of the perfect Christmas tree and overnight adventure. It&rsquo;s a tradition. The ritual of cutting it down, bringing it into the home, getting the tree to stand straight and tall, and having everyone join in its transformation. The Christmas tree and its evergreen bough, is one of the few symbols of hope and continued life that has carried on from the ancients who used the sacred boughs as a sign to mark the winter solstice.&nbsp;<img alt="" src="/uploads/galleries/Christmas%20tree.jpg" style="float:right; height:581px; width:228px" /></p> <h2>Why a Real Tree?</h2> <p>Natural Christmas trees are totally biodegradable and recyclable.&nbsp; They remove carbon dioxide and other harmful gases from the atmosphere while producing nourishing oxygen to the planet.&nbsp; Just another reason to celebrate the season with a real tree.</p> <h2>NC High County - America&#39;s Christmas Tree Capital</h2> <p>Ashe County sits in the heart of Christmas tree territory.&nbsp; Much of its land is lapped with row upon row of majestic Fraser Firs, prized for their pyramid shape, sturdy branches and natural fresh holiday scent. Other evergreen species such as White Pine, Canaan Fir, Douglas Fir, and Colorado Spruce are also grown in the area. Many of Ashe County&rsquo;s famous Christmas tree varieties have adorned the White House and served as our nations symbol of the coming Christmas season, earning the&nbsp;NC High Country&nbsp;destination the title of America&rsquo;s Christmas Tree Capital.</p> <h2>The Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree</h2> <p>Here&rsquo;s how the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree usually plays out:&nbsp;You bundle up, pile the family in the car and hit the road. Depending on which farm you visit, your trip could include an old-fashioned hayride to the top of a mountain, a visit with Santa, shopping in a holiday gift shop, drinking hot cocoa or apple cider, or even joining in on a marshmallow or hot dog roast. Choosing, measuring and getting your tree cut is easy with help from&nbsp;farm &ldquo;elves&rdquo; who wrap it up and load it for the trip home.&nbsp; Ashe County offers <a href="">lots of lodging options</a> near local tree farms, you can easily turn a day trip into a weekend adventure.</p> <h2>Plan Your Trip&nbsp;to Ashe County in the NC Mountains</h2> <p>Ashe County, NC trees harvested right off the farm are fresher, smell more fragrant, and stay greener as families&nbsp;arrive&nbsp;and&nbsp;celebration unfolds. But whether you take a tree home or not, a visit to West Jefferson and a Christmas tree farm creates a lasting holiday memory.</p> <p>For more information, Visit <a href="">Ashe County&rsquo;s Choose and Cut&nbsp;Guide 2021.</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Saloon Studios - West Jefferson, NC

<h1>&ldquo;Where legends play, and stars are born&rdquo;</h1> <p>Saloon Studios, just south of West Jefferson in Ashe County, is one of the region&rsquo;s most unique attractions.&nbsp; The venue has an authentic Old West-style town with artifacts from the 19th century.&nbsp; Visitors are transported back in time as they enter the Saloon Studios property.&nbsp; A gravel road leads into the venue, located off the beaten path and in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.&nbsp; As you near Saloon Studios, you&rsquo;ll soon be greeted by a cowboy passing through a gate with wagon wheels on either side.</p> <h2>Live Experience at Saloon Studios</h2> <p>One of the most popular spots in the Old West-style town is the Saloon itself.&nbsp; A 125-seat poker table means there&rsquo;s space for plenty inside the saloon.&nbsp; There are swinging doors, period artifacts, a bar with refreshing drinks, and a live stage with state-of-the-art sound and lighting.&nbsp; Live music at the Saloon Studios isn&rsquo;t your average concert experience.&nbsp; Saloon Studios keeps the stress out of an evening of live music by eliminating long lines and difficult parking and providing delicious and reasonably priced foods and drinks.&nbsp; Plus, with the Saloon Studio&rsquo;s small-town feel, you&rsquo;ll get to meet the artists after the show.</p> <h2>Live Music and Recording</h2> <p>Saloon Studios also offers a venue and equipment for artists to produce world-class music or rehearse for an album or tour.&nbsp; The mountains of northwestern North Carolina provide an ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fosters creativity for musical talents.&nbsp; Legendary artists new and old have found inspiration in the&nbsp;North Carolina Mountains --&nbsp;Doc Watson and Luke Combs just to name a few.</p> <p>Visit&nbsp;<a href="">Saloon Studio&rsquo;s website</a> for more information surrounding their schedule of events for the upcoming season.&nbsp; You&rsquo;re sure to have a wonderful time visiting Ashe County, and a venue like Saloon Studios is yet another benefit of calling Ashe County home.</p>

West Jefferson in August and September

<p>&nbsp;</p> <p>There is one thing for sure, exploring the North Carolina Mountains is an exciting adventure any time of the year.&nbsp; Still, late August and September is the perfect time to discover the great outdoors in the NC High Country and the ideal time to visit West Jefferson, NC.&nbsp;</p> <p>When the dog days of summer give way to late August and September, this is the time of year when the Blue Ridge Mountains give us a preview of the coming cool fall temperatures.&nbsp; This weather is perfect for many outdoor activities such as hiking, concerts, and our annual Antiques Fair.</p> <p>For hiking in and around West Jefferson,<a href=""><em>&nbsp;<strong>Mount Jefferson State Natural Area</strong></em></a>&nbsp;boasts five hiking trails, including a child-friendly course.&nbsp;</p> <p>With three overlooks and a picnic shelter at the top, there are many ideal places to enjoy a scenic picnic while taking in the magnificent long-range views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and aerial perspectives of the towns of Jefferson and West Jefferson.&nbsp; Mount Jefferson State Natural Area is also an excellent place for birdwatching and an up-close look at mountain plants and vegetation, as you&#39;ll find various native fauna and flora here.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>Events Downtown West Jefferson</strong></h2> <p>Downtown West Jefferson&#39;s gallery crawls, and concerts are still happening on select weekends and will continue through October.&nbsp; The gallery crawls are always a big hit for visitors and residents of Ashe County.&nbsp; The next Backstreet Park Concert Series will be held on August 27, 2021, featuring&nbsp;<em><strong>Lucky Strikes Trio</strong></em>, and will start at 5:30 pm and continue to 7:00 pm.&nbsp; For more information on these events, and Ashe Civic Center events, visit;</p> <h2><strong>Ashe County Farmers Market</strong></h2> <p>The Ashe County Farmers Market is located at 108 Backstreet in Downtown West Jefferson, is open every Saturday (rain or shine) from mid-May through October.&nbsp; The market offers locally grown fresh seasonal produce and local beef, chicken, pork, and lamb.&nbsp; From fresh free-range chicken eggs to assorted breads, cakes, pies, and more, the Ashe County Farmers&#39; Market is all about local and farm-to-table goodness.&nbsp; You&#39;ll find many unique and handcrafted items such as baskets, pottery, quilts, and more by Ashe County artisans.&nbsp; The market hours are from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm on Saturdays through October.</p> <h2><strong>New River Cleanup Fundraiser Event &ndash; August 28, 2021</strong></h2> <p><strong>Cost:&nbsp;</strong>$15 for adults | $10 for kids 12 and under<strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>The New River Conservancy will sponsor&nbsp;<em><strong>Splash for the Cash</strong>&nbsp;</em>on August 28, 2021.&nbsp; The cleanup will begin at Zaloo&#39;s Canoes at 10:00 am and end at New River State Park Wagoner Access at 2:00 pm. Participants are encouraged to bring their boat if they have one, but Zaloo&#39;s has offered to provide boats for free if you don&#39;t have a boat!&nbsp; After the cleanup, everyone will shuttle back to Zaloo&#39;s for complimentary lunch, drinks, and door prizes.&nbsp; For more information - <a href=""></a></p> <h2><strong>Gallery Crawl September 10, 2021&nbsp;</strong></h2> <p>Sponsored by the Ashe County Arts Council, the next Gallery Crawl in West Jefferson will be on Friday, September 10, 2021, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.&nbsp; As a crawler, you will have the opportunity to see the latest artwork from Ashe County&#39;s best artists and, in some cases, an opportunity to meet the creative person behind the art.&nbsp; The Gallery Crawl is always a popular event in Ashe County for residents and visitors alike.&nbsp;</p> <p>While visiting the different galleries and shops, you can also tour our town to see our murals and other outdoor artwork in West Jefferson.&nbsp; When you&#39;re ready for a bite to eat or if you want to try a local brew, you&#39;ll have several restaurants and local breweries to choose from that offer delicious appetizers, outstanding entrees, and craft beers.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <h2><strong>West Jefferson&#39;s Antiques Fair&nbsp;&ndash; September 17 &amp; 18, 2021</strong></h2> <p>The West Jefferson Antiques Fair will be a two-day event starting Friday, September 17, 2021, through Saturday 18, 2021.&nbsp; There&#39;s always an air of excitement each year at the annual Antiques Fair because you never know what treasures you might find.&nbsp; Vendors will have assorted antiques, primitives, collectibles, and even some repurposed items.&nbsp; While you&#39;re there, check out our local shops, art galleries, and restaurants that make historic downtown West Jefferson a fantastic place to shop, eat, antique, and find works of art any time of the year.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

The restoration of the Old Hotel, West Jefferson, NC

<p>Standing proudly at West Jefferson&rsquo;s town square at Main Street and Jefferson Avenue, West Jefferson&rsquo;s Old Hotel originally housed travelers who took the Virginia Creeper Railroad through the Blue Ridge Mountains.</p> <p>The Virginia Creeper Railroad (part of the Norfolk and Western Railroad) constructed rails connecting Abington, Virginia to Whitetop, Virginia. &nbsp;At Whitetop, the railroad continued into North Carolina passing through several small settlements on its way to Elkland, NC now known as Todd, North Carolina.</p> <p><strong>The Old Hotel in West Jefferson was open for Travelers in 1917.&nbsp; </strong></p> <p>As a result of the construction of the hotel, accommodations became available for businessmen and tourists making West Jefferson the major depot in northwestern North Carolina. &nbsp;At that time, the railroad became a contributing factor for the industrial expansion to the town of West Jefferson.&nbsp;</p> <p>Miners searching for coal, and iron ore in the southern Appalachian Mountains rested at the Old Hotel in the 1920s. Lumber workers who had spent days laboring on the region&rsquo;s rugged mountainsides extracting valuable timber to load onto the Virginia Creeper were grateful for a place to rest at the Old Hotel in downtown West Jefferson.</p> <p>In recent decades, the Old Hotel has instead housed multiple businesses in the vibrant town of West Jefferson.</p> <p><strong>The Preservation of West Jefferson Hotel </strong></p> <p><a href="">Mark Beck, President of Bridgetree Investments</a> recently bought the property.&nbsp; He has more than 30 years of experience in restoring old buildings across the southeastern United States and is enthusiastic about the preservation of West Jefferson&rsquo;s iconic Old Hotel.&nbsp; The plans include bringing back several hotel rooms, a restaurant, and space for more retail businesses.</p> <p>The Old Hotel, formerly owned by the Woodie family of West Jefferson, was built in 1917.&nbsp; The recent sale is the first time the building has changed owners in its 119-year history.</p> <p>New River Custom Builders, a local construction company based out of Grassy Creek will be leading the renovations.</p> <p>We look forward to seeing the completed renovation and preservation of West Jefferson&rsquo;s most cherished landmark.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

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