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Everything you need to know about Mountain Land

If you are considering purchasing mountain land for investment, or for a mountain retreat, why not consider purchasing Ashe County Real Estate. Over the past twenty-five years, Ashe County has become one of the most desirable regions in the NC Mountains for retirement and summer vacation homes. Developers are realizing the potential for future growth and are seeking NC Mountain land for sale.

Owning land in the mountains of North Carolina is a great investment and Ashe High Country Realty has a nice selection of land for sale. We have acreage in North Carolina Mountains and the Highlands of Virginia that are unspoiled wilderness tracts with everything from graceful hardwoods to stunning views and rushing streams. We also have farm land, grazing pasture, development tracts close-in and just about any size of acreage from large to mini-farms. Check out our many photos of our listings of North Carolina Mountain Land for Sale.

Are you looking for North Carolina Mountain Acreage? There is something about the experience of owning land in the mountains of North Carolina that makes people take a deep breath and feel they have arrived. Maybe it's the height itself, maybe the far-ranging views, but laying claim to land in the mountains cannot help but bring peace and perspective. Building on such land is without question one of the great pleasures of making you feel secure.

We at Ashe High Country Real Estate offer some of the most beautiful acreages in this region. Many include unique features such as streams, clearings, stone walls and flatlands, and a number even boast their own access roads that limit traffic to and from your home. Whether the goal is to create an entire community or a single, soaring dream home, you may have found the last listings you will ever need.

Alleghany County NC real estate is shaped by the land. The crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Eastern Continental Divide, forms the eastern and southern border and is home to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The development of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the 1930s and modern paved roads now make Alleghany easily accessible to everyone.

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