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Real estate in the mountains is unlike real estate anywhere else. These are not homes in trendy neighborhoods or hip urban centers. The "neighborhoods," as it were, are the trees, sky, streams and air. For some people, that may be the closest earthly thing to heaven.

Not all real estate listings in the North Carolina mountains are created equal. The truth is that this is a competitive area, rife with interest and offering some of the most beautiful homes in the state. If you want to get a fuller overview, it is essential to know where to start.

The property we sell here in the mountains of North Carolina tends to go fast. One look at our pictures and you may not wonder why--the homes look like something out of a storybook. If you have always had a fantasy of living in a gorgeous mountain cabin, these maybe precisely what you are looking for. And, Ashe High Country Realty definitely has NC Mountain Property for Sale.

North Carolina real estate for sale juxtaposed to Blowing Rock is popular for members of the artistic community and supporters of the arts. This is home of the Blowing Rock Stage Company - a non-profit, artist centered organization that serves as a vital cultural resource for the people of Blowing Rock and the High Country of Western North Carolina. The Stage Company theater is currently expanding with construction underway that will lend itself to becoming the pre-eminent cultural destination as a national leader in the business of theatre arts. The High County North Carolina real estate for sale in this region is rich with culture having theatrical performances and educational outreach programs to celebrate the common humanity that binds us all together. The cultural life of Ashe County is also nurtured and supported by the Arts Council. The Gallery, located in the Ashe Arts Center consists of changing exhibits of local artists, and performances of music, poetry, literature and more.Murals and Public Art of Ashe County grace the North Carolina real estate with beautiful earth quilts made through combining art and landscape architecture sponsored through a state agency and locally by the Ashe County Arts Council. Beautiful murals located in downtown West Jefferson add great value to this real estate for sale.

NC Mountains Real Estate is in demand. The NC Mountains are quickly becoming the destination for vacation and retirement homes and real estate investments. Read more why the North Carolina Mountains Real Estate is in demand.

North Carolina Mountain Real Estate has unique beauty for every season of the year. From the greenery of Spring to the colorful wildflowers of Summer, through the Autumnal foliage and the Winter wonderland, nature's majesty is everywhere in properties in the North Carolina Mountains.

The mountains of North Carolina have long beckoned artists, pilgrims and harried urban office drones in search of a slower pace of life. What they find when they get here is nothing less than dazzling. Such is the power of the Blue Ridge Mountains, a collection of the world's most geologically diverse and stunning peaks.

If you have ever visited a home in the mountains, you may have some idea why these beautiful retreats continue to exert such a pull on our national imagination. There is something about height and distance that is simply bracing, and many people come here throughout the year for unparalleled vistas of North Carolina's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Here at Ashe High Country Real Estate, we are proud to say we offer some of the finest properties in the area.

There is a reason so many people want to own property in the mountains of North Carolina. Simply put, there are few places more diverse or breathtaking anywhere on the East Coast. When you own a home here, you may rightly consider it a ticket to the kind of restorative sojourn few people ever get to experience.

Living in the mountains offers countless gifts, but perhaps none is quite so coveted as peace and quiet. If you have ever spent any time at a high elevation, you know the otherworldly calm that inevitably accompanies a sojourn in the hills. Something about that endless view and the cleaner air just seems to put our everyday lives in perspective.

Some people dream of owning a penthouse on Central Park West; others want a yacht they can dock in exotic locales. The rest of us want a cabin high in the mountains, quiet and beautiful. Ashe County, North Carolina, may be just the place for your mountain home.

Living on a mountain farm in the North Carolina Mountains can be rewarding. Learn how Jack and Michelle moved from the city, and settled on a small mountain farm.

When people hear the term "mountain cottage", some still think of single-room, cloistered pioneer homes. In fact, mountain cottages today represent something like the vanguard in peace and luxury. Here in Ashe County, our cottages are idyllic dream homes on the bluffs, replete with all the beauty and spirit you expect from an Appalachian sanctuary.

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