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Appalachian Mountain Real Estate

  • Appalachian Mountain Real Estate

Why move to Ashe County and the Blue Ridge Mountains? Ashe County is home to endless recreations, from golf and hiking to fly fishing and horseback riding, and skiing is always a short jaunt away to nearby Boone and Blowing Rock. Four seasons of Southern grandeur ensure you never run out of good times or dazzling views, and every morning sounds a clarion call to possibility.

Mountain real estate here offers awe-inspiring vistas of the surrounding areas, from the Farmer's Market to the New River. You get stunning parcels of land and homes that offer the very best of art and architecture, including wrap-around decks, sunken living rooms and all the natural light you can imagine. These are havens in the hills, marked by refined taste and a soaring design spirit that equals the mountains in their enthusiasm.

For those seeking a secluded mountain home, there is nothing better than Appalachian Mountain real estate.

Naturally historic, beautiful and entertaining, the Appalachian Mountains have long represented a place where life could be lived simply. It is a different lifestyle with its own charm. It is a place where time seems to slow down, and where no population has developed the lifestyle quite like the friendly people of these storied mountains.

You could ask, “Why are the Appalachian Mountains so exceptional?”

We begin with the individual families who have lived here for generations.  These reliable people have accepted a more contemporary lifestyle while shielding our mountain heritage and traditions. We are proud of our Southern mountain dialect, mountain music, handmade furniture and crafts, the arts and our people. We are self-reliant individuals who have a deep respect for our neighbors and lend a helping hand when needed. It is our way of life.

North Carolina Mountains of Eastern Appalachia

The North Carolina Mountains are located on the eastern slope of the Appalachians, well known as a popular tourist destination and retirement area.

 Why is this area of Appalachia so desirable?

It could be because we are friendly and caring people who welcome newcomers with a handshake and a smile.  Here where you will find Appalachia steeped in tradition and history. It is a place where newcomers can embrace the culture, legends and history while bringing their ideas and contributions to the town and community.

The area known for its lovely four seasons, with cool summers, short winters, vivid green springs and awesome colorful autumns.  The area is highly prized by second homebuyers who look for a weekend mountain home as an escape from the hassles of the city.

Rustic Appalachian Mountain log cabins and mountain homes are top of the list for both the second
homebuyer and those who are retiring to the area. It is a very popular place for locals, the seasonal homebuyers, retirees, and for tourists to visit. All make a huge contribution to our area and to the local economy.

Ashe County Real Estate

Ashe County loved for its beauty and long-range mountain views, offer unique mountain real estate. Log cabins and rustic mountain homes communities  are a favorite destination for retirees, seasonal homebuyers and investors for many years.

With land and mountain properties still affordable and property taxes low, now is the time to invest. Building or buying a mountain home as an investment property provides a way of accruing long term gains while still enjoying all of the benefits of owning a second home in the North Carolina Mountains.

It is common for people to purchase a mountain home and place the home on a vacation rental program, realizing an income while they are not using the home, with the goal of retiring to Ashe County in the future.

Appalachian Mountain Adventures

The North Carolina Mountains are a sanctuary for nature lovers, and recognized as a playground of the east. Here you will find many interesting outdoor activities.

The list is too long to name all the activities, but here a few: skiing, parks for rock climbing, trails, bird watching, high elevations with long-range vistas, biking, water sports, performing arts, music festivals, golf, entertaining rides and adventures for children.

The High Country has something for all.

Why buy in Ashe County?

Ashe County is a springboard for the surrounding area. It is only a short drive to the Virginia Mountains, where you will find National Parks with thousands of unspoiled acres that are open to the public. There are annual events such as bluegrass festivals, a molasses festival, a ramp festival and even an auction of the wild ponies that live in Grayson Highlands Park. There are miles of the Appalachian Trail that run through both Grayson Highlands and Jefferson National Parks.

Within 30 minutes you can be in Watauga County where skiing is a popular winter sport along with snowboarding.  There are zip lines during the summer and hundreds of festivals throughout the year. Appalachian State University, located in Boone, is only 30 minutes away.

Ashe County is home to endless forms of recreation, from golf and hiking to fly fishing and horseback riding. It is the natural choice for nature lovers. It is home to the New River, clear water trout streams, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and a portion of the Appalachian Trail. Many parks dot the county including Mt. Jefferson Natural Area.

There are many annual events, such as Christmas in July, the Fiddlers Convention, West Jefferson Antique Show, Old Timey Christmas, Choose and Cut, Todd Festivals, The Bella Reid Festival, Gallery Crawls, Music in the Park, Blues Festival and Jefferson Cruise-In. This includes a small sampling of events that happen in Ashe County each year.

 Our Ashe County mountain towns, West Jefferson, Jefferson, Lansing and Todd, each offer unique sights, sounds and tastes. In addition, we offer a selection of mountain property that has something for every homebuyer. Whether you prefer a small farm or a mountain home, we have it.

These charming towns have preserved a bygone age without sacrificing modern conveniences. Quaint dining venues and galleries line the pedestrian friendly streets. Shops offer a collection of fine American art, quilting and other hand-made crafts, all of which were born of Appalachian tradition.

For the past several years, West Jefferson has been in the process of a downtown revitalization program. The town’s goal was to become pedestrian friendly, adding green spaces, focusing on the arts and antiques, attracting new business and cosmetic changes to buildings are examples of this focus.

The town quickly became a destination for the arts. This has brought new businesses such as unique shops, art galleries, photography, eateries, and a host of new exciting people to our area.

The towns are a haven of unique antique shops and boutiques. With a year round calendar of events and festivals, Ashe County's cultural and performing arts rival that of many urban areas.

Appalachian is a place to call home. The mountains are not just a place in the woods, they are a place to change your mindset and belong. 

Consider a new adventure, look for a mountain home with us.

Who are we?

Ashe High Country Realty is not one of the new kids on the block. We have been in business for over twenty-five years. We offer an amazing collection of mountain property for sale. Our experienced brokers live, work and play in the NC Mountains, and we take pride in the quality of relationships we have built over the years with those in our community and those new to the area.

We will guide you with the experience and expertise necessary to help you exceed your real estate expectations. We would love to introduce you to a quality of life we believe is unparalleled. 

Whether you are looking for property that is in Ashe County or seeking real estate anywhere in the High Country or Virginia, our team of Realtors is here for you.

We are located in the downtown, arts district, 7. S. Jefferson Avenue, West Jefferson, NC.

Call us at 800-729-0735 for personalized attention to all your real estate needs.

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