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Benefits of Retiring in Ashe County

  • Benefits of Retiring in Ashe County

Deciding where to begin a new chapter in life is a decision that should be made carefully and confidently. Many practical factors can play a part in the decision making process. However, the aesthetic value, climate and cultural life are benefits of living in North Carolina that should not be overlooked. In fact, many articles cite these long-term benefits associated with this locale as popular reasons that can tip the scales, as they affect daily living.

North Carolina Aesthetics

Your surroundings can set the foundation for a positive living experience. As such, it is of extreme importance to choose a sight where comfort and beauty are offered. The beauty of the North Carolina’s landscape has oft been sighted as one of the reasons for the consistent draw of retirees looking to establish roots for the next phase of life, as the state offers a unique combination of coastal living, city life, small towns and western mountains. Each area offers its own beauty and charm.

North Carolina’s Climate

In a recent Del Webb Survey among baby boomers, climate was at the top of the list of reasons for choosing where to settle. [1] North Carolina has much to offer in the way of diversity of climate. Residents are able to enjoy four seasons and the myriad activities that go along with each, while taking comfort in the fact that winters tend to be mild. Unlike Florida, there are few hurricanes, which means lower insurance rates. The graph below illustrates the desirable yearlong climate.

North Carolina’s Cultural Life

North Carolina offers a diverse and rich cultural life. Due to the fact that there is a range of activities in which retirees can partake, life is never dull. Smaller towns offer quieter farming communities, golf courses and other outdoor activities, such as walking trails, horseback riding and fishing. Other retirees choose to soak up the beauty of the coast and sample the fresh seafood at locally owned restaurants. Larger cities present ample opportunities for theatre, art and music.

Based on the numerous benefits of retiring in North Carolina it is little wonder why it is arguably the best place to retire and begin the next chapter of life. Satisfied retirees continue to establish roots in this scenic state due to the peaceful living juxtaposed with the various activities always taking place.

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