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Shatley Springs Restaurant for Sale

Historic Shatley Springs Comes on the Market!

The rustic Shatley Springs Restaurant and Cabins, popular with Ashe County visitors and residents alike, has been part of the local history for more than a century.

All you need to do is see the name or logo and virtually everyone you ask in North Carolina and surrounding states has either been to Shatley Springs Restaurant or knows someone who has.

Shatley Springs: The Story Behind the Healing Water

Martin Shatley discovered the springs in 1890, when he paused to dip his hands and face in a stream that flowed out of the Little Phoenix Mountain.  According to his report, a few hours later the skin disease that had plagued him for years seemed to be disappearing.

Rumor of the miraculous curing properties of Shatley Springs spread.  Although at that time the area had no facilities to house visitors, people from near and far came to pitch tents near the healing water.  Although Mr. Shatley sold the farm surrounding the springs, he kept ownership of the spring itself and soon built a small bathhouse near the water, which had a tiny heater and a sheet iron bathtub.

When Mr. Shatley felt he was too old to visit the spring each summer, he sold it to three investors, who refurbished the spring building with a cement enclosure and a new covering.  In the 1920's they added cabins and a tearoom.  For a brief time, they bottled and sold the water – a profitable undertaking, due to the water’s “sparkling” reputation.  Eventually one of the three owners, Mr. Bid Williams, bought out the interest of the other two investors.

 Shatley Springs Sold to Lee Q. McMillan

In 1958, Bib Williams sold Shatley Springs to Lee McMillan.   At that time, Mr. McMillan was serving his country as a Lieutenant Commander in the US Navy.  While enlisted his mother and father, Frank and Goldie McMillan, ran the business until he retired from the US Navy.  He has owned and operated Shatley Springs for 66-years.

Shatley Springs Today

Shatley Springs Restaurant is a small, family-owned restaurant that has been around since the early 1900s.   One of the things that makes this restaurant so popular, even at its size, is the quality of food and the service it provides.

 From hearty breakfasts to filling lunches and delicious dinners, Shatley Springs offers something for everyone.  In addition to their menu, they also have a variety of desserts and drinks available.  They offer “all you can eat” as well as a dessert menu with options for those with certain dietary restrictions.  If you are looking for a family style meal with friends and family, Shatley Springs will exceed your expectations.

In addition to the restaurant, there are nine small rental cabins (two cabins currently used for storage and would need upfitting for rental), a large spring fed pond stocked with trout, a vintage log cabin which serves as an office and a total of 26.3 acres.  There is ample parking for tourist buses and RVs.   

There is an outside stage alongside of the rocking chair covered porch, constructed for entertainment for customers waiting to eat, or stay awhile after they have enjoyed a filling meal.  The program ranges from bluegrass music, jazz, mountain music to gospel, and guests are welcome to dance to the music.  Some prefer rocking away on the covered porch, spending time shopping in the gift shops, filling water jugs from the spring to take home or reading the history of Shatley Springs.

Shatley Springs – A Destination

Many years before Ashe County and the town of West Jefferson became a tourist destination, Shatley Springs was well-known.  It has played a significant role in the development of our county and the town of West Jefferson over the past decades.

This week the local newspaper, Mountain Times, gave the restaurant the award for being “The Best of the Best Home Cooking Restaurant” in Ashe County.

Just a few of the many articles, videos and blogs written about Shatley Springs.

Only in your State posts an article on Shatley Springs Restaurant.  

NC State Magazine on several occasions featured articles on Shatley Springs Restaurant and proclaimed by the magazine as having the “best breakfast in North Carolina”.

Carl White’s Life in the Carolinas is an Emmy nominated and award-winning syndicated TV Show that features wonderful places in the Carolina’s visited Shatley Springs.   Read what he had to say.

PBS - features a video of Shatley Springs

UNC-TV - features Shatley Springs Restaurent

You Can Own This Piece of Ashe County's History

This property has many possibilities with new activities that would complement the already famous destination.

Offered for Sale by Ashe County Real Estate, West Jefferson, NC. - Shown by Appointment Only.
If you have an interest in buying this unique property, please give us a call at 336-246-6348 or stop by our office at 
7 South Jefferson Avenue, West Jefferson, NC


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